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compare a dog's structure and temperament to this standard when they exam each dog. An unaltered dog, 6 months or older, can be entered in one of a number of different classes depending on the preference of the owner. Some owners, referred to as owner-handlers, prefer to exhibit their own dogs in the Bred by Exhibitor class, or any other class they choose, while other owners choose to use a professional handler to show their dog. Cosmic PWDs are always owner-handled.

A dog show is a good event to attend if you are interested in seeing a variety of Portuguese Water Dogs and want the opportunity to talk with a breeder, owner, or handler about the breed. You can search for a show near you at


PWDCA has developed exercises that try to simulate these and other utilitarian tasks of the Portuguese Water Dog as it

                                                                        served its owner on Portuguese fishing boats. Most exercises involve

                                                                        retrieving, with each exercise beginning and ending with the handler

                                                                        and dog team together, regardless of where the level of competition

                                                                        has the team working, from land to water or off the boat.


                                                                        There is nothing more moving than witnessing the Portuguese Water

                                                                        Dog's natural willingness and abilitly to complete the tasks it was bred

                                                                        to perform. Visit for a listing of the year's scheduled

                                                                        water trials. Make arrangements to attend a regional club's water trial

                                                                        to get a first hand account of the teamwork demonstrated there that

                                                                        showcases the intelligence and working instincts of the Portuguese

                                                                        Water Dog. You will not only leave amazed, but inspired to do your part

at preserving the breed's historical working background by teaming up with your dog and making a splash in water work.


The breed ring is the arena where breeders and owners alike, exhibit their dogs. Here dogs are judged according to the documented standard that describes the ideal Portuguese Water Dog. Judges

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January 21, 2022

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The dog and handler teamwork involved in the spectator sport of agility is an

exciting way to have fun with your Portuguese Water Dog. The objective of

                                              agility is for the dog to navigate a timed obstacle

                                              course of tunnels, jumps, a see-saw, and weave

                                              poles along with many other obstacles, with

                                              speed and accuracy at the direction of its

                                              handler. Agility training provides Portuguese

                                              Water Dogs a constructive way to release

                                              their energy, as their handler teaches them

                                              how under control and high spirited

                                              simultaneously. The Portuguese Water Dog,

                                              an extraordinary athlete with endless energy

                                              and an eagerness to work, has proven itself

                                              to be an excellent agility dog.

                                              It is hard to say who enjoys the sport more,

                                              the handler, the dog, or the crowd. Search

                                     for an agility trial near you and

                                              make plans to attend a trial. Do not be afraid.

It is not as hard as it looks and you may realize that it is better for you and your

dog to be working for that “clean run” on the course, rather than watching

others try from the outside.

Water Work

The Portuguese Water Dog has a working heritage of retrieving gear, placing nets, and carrying messages between boats and from boats to shore.