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Cosmo was our first Portuguese Water Dog and served as a dignified

ambassador of the breed. He introduced us to the

intelligence and working drive of the PWD and

enriched not only our lives, but all who knew him,

with his stunningly regal presence, working drive,

and his incredible athletic abilities.

throughout his conformation career. In performance competitions, he teamed

up with his dad for agility trials and his mom for water trials. At his time of

passing Cosmo was training for his Courier title, full of life, and demonstrating

a promising summer of water work.

We fondly remember Cosmo for his intelligence,

dignity, and beauty.  Also for his soft side as an

involved dad, playing with his and Minnow's ten

puppies, and a most playful host to a Cutwater litter

of nine that stayed a week with us the summer of 2006.

Cosmo enjoyed life with his half-sister, Minnow and his two daughters, Tilly

and Ripple, and Otto, the orange cat.

April 24, 1998 - July 18, 2007

Cosmo was completely handled by his mom