Novice A” award, and qualified her for a Silver Register of Merit from the PWDCA.

           In May, 2005, by a request from Pat Jones of Cartmel, Minnow, the last pure

deAvalade intact female, fulfilled her destiny by whelping a 100% deAvalade litter

of 10 at DownEast PWD’s resurrecting the pure deAvalade line for future

                                                            PWD generations.                           

                                                        We miss our “fish girl”.

Watermark Sea Minnow CD AX AXJ WWD SROM CGC

December 2003, our family became perfect when we brought Minnow home.

She was cute, sweet, and loved her big brother, Cosmo. Their devotion was

immediate and it warmed our hearts to witness their  closeness, play, Cosmo’s

tenderness and early mentoring, and their constant companionship.  She and

Cosmo were the foundation of Cosmic Portuguese Water Dogs.

Minnow was  happy exercising her working abilities

in play and in agility, rally, obedience, and water

arenas. Her performance career began as a puppy

cheerleading for her dad and Cosmo at agility trials

and rapidly progressed once old enough to join the

fun. Minnow shined in Rally and water venues as

well, but in PA, July 2008, Minnow’s aptitude excelled.

With only two weeks of  schooling, and the first time in an

obedience ring, Minnow earned her CD, not only qualifying

all three days, but earning 3rd and 2nd placements. This

impressive performance earned her SOTC's 2008 "High in

October 7, 2000- August 28, 2012